What Your Bedroom Routine Is Missing

March 15, 2018

Getting quality shut eye is key to helping you look and feel your best. Here are some strategies to help you fall and stay asleep easily.


Try to go to bed and wake up at approximately the same time every night. This behavior should also carry over into the weekends when possible. A sleep/wake schedule is key because the body’s internal clock craves consistency and the more consistent you are with your sleep, the better you’ll feel. Switching to blackout curtains means you’ll be able to maintain darkness throughout daylight savings, city lights and other disturbances. Check out these curtains from Eclipse.

A Night-Time Playlist

To help clear your mind and ready your body for rest, create a relaxing nighttime playlist that features slow and serene music. You can opt for classical music or incorporate relaxing tunes from artists like Enya or Llewellyn. Turn the lights off and listen to this mix at a low volume every night before bed

A Sleep-Enhancing Light

Replace your normal bedroom light bulb with a sleep-enhancing alternative. This bulb emits less blue light (which can interfere with your body’s ability to sleep well) and as a result, supports your body’s production of the naturally occurring sleep hormone, melatonin.

A Calming Beverage

Banish alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks before bed. Caffeine and sugar can compromise your ability to fall asleep and alcohol negatively impacts your quality of sleep. If you’re thirsty or need to settle your stomach after dinner, try a non-caffeinated herbal tea. This chamomile tea not only tastes good, but it helps to soothe the stomach and mind.

Cool Temps

Having a room that’s too hot or too cold can cause you toss and turn all night long. To sleep comfortably, try to set the temperature of your bedroom to 68 degrees and consider getting moisture-wicking, breathable sheets like these ones.

Proper Breathing Technique

If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, strategic breathing exercises can help you doze off successfully and stay asleep longer. This gadget and accompanying app teaches you how to use your breath to wind down, relax, and go to sleep.

A Quality Mattress

Mattresses undergo a lot of wear and tear, so make sure to replace yours every 7-8 years or sooner if you notice lumpiness, sagging, or damage. For maximum comfort and support, look for a hybrid mattress that delivers a comfy cocktail of materials across body-contouring cool memory foam, latex, and coils like this one from DreamCloud. Not only is this mattress a value buy, but DreamCloud is the only hybrid mattress available exclusively online, making it a super simple and stress-free option to purchase. All you have to do is order the mattress online and it’ll come right to your door after a few days.

A Sleep Supplement

If you find yourself tossing or turning because you’re stressed, over-tired, or jet-lagged, try taking melatonin, a naturally-occurring hormone that regulates the sleep/wake cycle. This 100% drug-free supplement will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer as long as you take it 20 minutes before bed.


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