Royal Wedding-Inspired Diamond Trends

October 11, 2018

I didn’t own a single piece of diamond jewelery until the day my husband proposed to me back in 2013. From that moment forward, I became obsessed with my ring, often caught staring at it in disbelief. Was I really engaged? Was this pretty diamond really mine? Besides being beautiful, the ring on my finger represented a special bond and everlasting love, and to this day it’s still the most significant piece of jewelry I possess.

When the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, got engaged earlier this year, Prince Harry presented her with a beautiful three-stone ring from Botswana. Not surprisingly, this created a flurry of interest in similarly styled rings. I had the pleasure of appearing on Access to discuss Royal Wedding-inspired jewelry trends. Check out the trends and my full segment below:

Trend 1: Three-stone Engagement Rings

Each of the stones in these rings represent the past, the present, and the future. The stones can be of similar or varying styles and sizes.

Trend 2: Statement Earrings

Sure to elevate any look, statement earrings are generally very versatile. They can be paired with a spectacular gown to finish an elegant evening look or can be worn with a crisp white shirt and pair of distressed jeans to add a bit of interest to an everyday outfit.

Trend 3: Tiaras

Diamonds help illuminate the face and draw beautiful light to it. Not just reserved for royalty anymore, these days celebrities and fashionistas can be seen sporting these elaborate and decorative head-pieces in the real world and beyond.



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