My Hacks For Preventing Pregnancy-Related Morning Sickness

April 20, 2017

Being pregnant is amazing in many ways. You’re nurturing and growing a human being (whoa!), your skin is glowing (thank you, hormones!), your boobs are bigger than ever (you’re welcome, husband!) and you get extra care and attention from your friends and loved ones. But let’s be honest: The First Trimester can really suck–especially if you’re experiencing morning sickness.

Because I’m no stranger to getting nauseous in real life (yes, I’m the type of person who cannot read or text in the cab unless I want to feel sick to my stomach) I was sure I’d have terrible, debilitating nausea during my First Trimester. Thankfully, I didn’t. While I was nauseous nearly every single day, the discomfort was manageable and I credit a lot of it to smart planning as far as what I ate, when I ate, and what I wore to curb my nausea. Below, a very candid Vlog on how I managed to keep that “pukey-because-I’m-preggo” feeling at bay.


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