How I’m Dealing With Postpartum Hair Loss

November 6, 2017

I’m 4 months post-partum and things are finally starting to come together. I’ve finally got the hang of breastfeeding, Baby K is as cute as ever, and I’m slowly but surely starting to feel like myself again. But one thing is really bumming me out: I’m losing all of my hair.

Ok, to say that I’m losing all my hair is an overstatement, but every day I lose a massive clump of hair and it sucks. I’m talking a collective clump of hair that’s the size of a York Peppermint Patty. While I knew that the thick, long, & healthy hair I was enjoying while preggo was going to be a short-lived perk, I had no idea that months after giving birth I would suddenly have a small bald spot in the middle of my forehead and a hairline that’s so sparse you can see the whites of my scalp.

Washing my hair has become downright scary because every time I run my fingers through my hair to rinse out the shampoo or conditioner, 20-30 strands come falling out. Brushing my hair is no better. My brush is constantly packed with hair despite me cleaning it twice a day. To make matters worse, I can’t stop shedding. Everywhere I look, I see hair. It’s all over my bathroom floor, my clothes, my bed, and even my baby. The shedding is so out of hand that I vacuum multiple times a day only to look down and see that I’ve shed hair while vacuuming!

I know that for many women, hair loss is a normal part of the post-partum experience, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying or scary. My doctor assured me that everything is ok and my hair should grow back by the time Baby K’s about a year old. In the meantime, I just have to make sure to eat properly, take care of the hair that I have, and try my best to not stress out. Below, some of my strategies for dealing with the hair loss:

Get a Fresh Cut

I chopped off almost two inches to get rid of any “dead weight” and to give my limp, lifeless hair some style.

Ease Up on Styling Tools

Instead of blow-drying my hair every other day, I have been trying to air dry my hair as much as possible to prevent any unnecessary damage to it.

Part Ways With Your Ponytail

I used to love wearing my hair in a bun or ponytail, but pulling your hair back with a rubberband can cause breakage. If you must put it in a ponytail, use a clip or a super soft hair tie instead.

Supplement Your Health

Getting essential nutrients is important to every new mom, but it’s especially crucial if you’re losing hair. I’m eating tons of protein and am continuing to take my prenatal vitamins every day.

Pump Up The Volume

I usually opt for moisturizing or frizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner, but these days, I am using volumizing hair products to add some much-needed depth to my hair. At the moment, I’m loving the MoroccanOil Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner.


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