Head to Toe Confidence Boosters for the Summer

June 16, 2021

After a VERY long and tough year, many of us are ready to get out of isolation and start seeing our friends and loved ones. But let’s be honest, after hiding behind masks and hibernating inside our homes, the thought of baring all in public can be a little intimidating!

Below, some of the newest, and very best beauty products to help you feel a little more confident from head to toe! I had the pleasure of sharing these items on the Wendy Williams Show as well!

To Help  Boost Your Skin

InnBeauty Project Green Machine


This oil-hybrid serum contains 15 superfoods, plant stem cells, and collagen to brighten, tighten, and firm up your skin.

To Help Boost Your Lashes

JOAH Beauty Lash UPrising Boosting Primer

$9.99; Drugstores

Apply a thin layer of this to your bare lashes to condition your lashes and ensure that they look longer, stronger, and more voluminous. Then follow up with your favorite mascara for extra drama.

To Help Boost Your Underarms

Secret DERMA+ Antiperspirant 

$7.99; drugstores

Sweat stands no chance against this gel antiperspirant which boasts 48 hours of clinical strength protection. Plus, this product is designed to help condition your skin and protect it against irritation cause by shaving.

To Help Boost Your Nails

ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color 


Infused with ingredients like argan oil, vitamin B5 and vitamin c, this nail polish imparts fabulous color while it helps strengthen, lenghten and thicken your nails.

To Help Boost Your Booty & Thighs

MAЁLYS  GET-CHEEKY Enriched Cellulite Oil


Clinically-proven to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimples on your booty and thighs, this oil-based product will ensure that you look amazing in your short shorts and sun dresses all summer long.




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